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Title: Weird translation, help
Post by: guess on July 19, 2015, 06:08:23 AM
I'm probably going to post a lot here as regular translators don't seem to cut it for me..
I have a friend and I always get these strange transcripts from him.. Help me out

Her: Ты приедешь за мной?
Him:Так попа или приеду
Her: Приезжай заберешь меня и получишь попу
Щас уже поеду
Her: ok
Можно я тебе поплачу когда ты приедешь?
Him:Конечно можно зайка
Him:Есть но
Him:Плакать будешь только от глубокого минета
Her:Очень смешно блять.    Охуенная шутка
Him:Ути боже мой.          
Not sure what this is but I'm pretty sure it's some weird sh!$. Please translate to a conversation as it would be told in English plz
Title: Re: Weird translation, help
Post by: translator on July 19, 2015, 07:31:57 PM
Here you go:

Her: Are you going to pick me up?
Him: Ass or I will come
Her: Come, pick me up and you will get an ass
I'm going to get going now
Her: ok
Can I cry a little in front of you when you come?
Him: Of course you can, my little bunny
Her:Thank you
Him:there is a but
Her:What but?
Him:You will be crying only because of a deep cocksucking.
Her:Very funny, piece of shit. Nice fucking joke.
Him:   touchy feely, my god.