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Title: Problematic word.
Post by: guess on July 26, 2015, 12:30:41 PM

I need some help. I'm translating a manga from the russian language and i don't understand one word. Here is the dialogue:

Он идиот! (I get it.)
Зачнёшься всё время работать сверхурочно!! (I get it.)
- Они ведь за неделю предупреждать ДОЛНЫ, да? (I don't get it.)
- Я знаю его 13 лет и никогда мы не виделись ДОЛНИЕ чем 3 дня! (I don't get it.)
Да забудь об этом... Они его используют чтобы самим отдыхать. (I get it.)

ДОЛНЫ, ДОЛНИЕ - what does it mean?
Could you give me a synonym? Maybe paraphrase or translate these two sentences?
Please, help!
Title: Re: Problematic word.
Post by: translator on July 26, 2015, 12:56:28 PM
There's one letter missing, that's why you had no luck with your online translator. Here's the translation for you:

-They need to tell one week ahead, right?
-I know him for 13 year and we never saw each other for more than 3 days!