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My skills in slavic languages are not perfect, could someone please translate some things for me? Id like to have the following translated into Russian. I'm sorry if this seems like a lot, but it would be greatly appreciated:

Moist Mother Earth, subdue every evil and
unclean being so that he may not cast a spell on us nor do us any harm.
Moist Mother Earth, engulf the unclean power in thy boiling pits, in thy burning fires.
Moist Mother Earth, calm the Winds coming from the South
and all bad weather. Calm the moving sands and whirlwinds.
Moist Mother Earth, calm the North Winds and the clouds, subdue the snowstorms and the cold.
Mother Earth, giving suck from bountiful breasts to countless children. When the peasants spoke of Matushka Zemlia, their eyes, usually dull and expressionless, were flooded with love, like the eyes of children who see their mother at a distance.
If you don't give us a tart - We'll take your cow by the horns.
If you don't give us a sausage - We'll grab your pig by the head.
If you don't give us a bliny - We'll give the host a kick.
The rooks have come.

Oh little bee, Ardent bee!
Fly out beyond the sea.
Get out the keys, the golden keys.
Lock up winter, cold winter
Unlock summer, warm summer.
Warm summer -
A summer fertile in grain.
Our Dear Maslenica, dear, leli, dear
Came for a while, for a while, leli, for a while
We thought for seven weeks, seven weeks, leli, seven weeks
But Maslenica stayed only seven days, seven days, leli, seven days
And Maslenica deceived us, deceived us, leli, deceived us
To lent she offered a seat, offered a seat, leli, offered a seat
Bitter horseradish she put out, put out, leli, put out
And that horseradish is more bitter than xren, more bitter than xren,
leli, more bitter than xren.
Turn out well, turn out well, my flax.
Turn out well, my white flax.
Water of death to water of life. We infuse you with the healing light.

Let us honor the Rusalki's return from the watery otherworld. With each step of their sacred xorovods, they bring moisture and life to the fields. With their arboreal ascent, the trees burst into leaf and bud. We salute you, water women, and invite you and all other friendly spirits of water and woodland, to enter our sacred circle. Hail & Welcome.

Let us turn our thoughts to the strengthening of the Sun king, Dahzhdbog, the celestial fire, who now moves toward the apex of his glory. Let us think of Svarovich, his divine brother of the terrestrial fire, the first fruit of wisdom plucked from the flaming tree of knowledge without whom our lives would be ever dim. Let us think of the fire which rages within the belly of our great Mother Earth. And finally let us call Swarog, the divine light which shines within and about us all. Hail & Welcome.

Let us now bring our attention to the belly of our Moist mother earth, womb of all who seek entrance into this life, and when this life is done, womb of all who seek entrance to the next. May she, and the Gods of Vrij grant passage to the spirits of those we have loved who have gone before us, that they may join us in today's feasting and celebration. Hail and Welcome.

The kumits'ja ceremony was performed to ensure a life-long bond between friends. Whomever you choose to kiss through the kumits'ja wreaths while we dance to raise the energy, will be your friend for life. This is not a spell to be taken lightly, so choose carefully or not at all.

Let it be so

We invite you, Gods and Goddesses of our people, Sovereigns of the sacred realms of Nav, Prav & Yav, to join us in our feasting and celebration. We invite you, O Spirits of Nature, otherworldly creatures of forest and field. Join us in love and trust in our feasting and celebration. We invite you, ancestors and loved ones who have gone before us to pass through the gates of Vij and join in our feasting and celebration with those whom they love. Hail and Welcome.

In times of yore, our ancestors would give to the river a young girl. Her soul was said to be taken by the water women where she would join their rank. Without this offering, it was believed that the number of water women would dwindle and they would soon die off, never again to bring moisture to the vegetative world. All would wither and die.

Our offerings have changed, but not our devotion. We give you, Rusalki, this humble offering, that you may receive thanks and know that your work does not go unnoticed.

The River is Flowing

Ancestors, loved ones, those of the land of Vij, we thank you for your presence here. Hail and Farewell.

Rusalka, Nature Spirits, Protectors of the Mother, welcome back to our Realm, and thank You for Your presence here. Hail and Farewell.

Shining Ones, Gods and Goddesses, Sovereigns and Creators, thank you for your presence here. Hail and Farewell.

Moist Mother Earth, doorway to life in this world and the next, We humbly beg your forgiveness for the times we have not trod gently upon your flesh, have not felt as one with your presence. Hear us now as we give you our oath to be kinder and more responsible for your well being.

Our circle is done, our rite is over, may the Gods be your guides and the Zorya protect you.
I, a young girl, am going to the quiet meadow, the quiet meadow.
To the quiet meadow, to a little birch.
I, a young girl, will pick a blue cornflower,
A little blue cornflower, a cornflower.
I, a young girl, will weave a wreath.
I, a young girl, will go to the river.
I will throw the wreath down the river.
I will think about my sweetheart
My wreath is drowning, drowning.
My heart is aching, aching.
My wreath will drown.
My sweetheart will abandon me.
Don't rejoice oak trees. Don't rejoice green ones.
Not to you are the girls coming. Not to you, the pretty ones.
Not to you are they bringing pies, pastries, omelettes.
Yo, Yo Semik and Trinity!
Rejoice birches! Rejoice green ones!
To you the girls are coming!
To you they are bringing pies, pastries, omelettes.
Yo, yo Semik and Trininty.

Oh birch, so curly, curly and young,
Under you, little birch, no poppy is blooming.
Under you, little birch, no fire is burning -
No poppy is blooming -
Pretty maids are dancing a xorovod,
about you little birch, they are singing songs.
Perkons! Father! Thy children lead this faultless victim to thy altar. Bestow, O Father, they blessing on the plough and on the corn. May golden straw with great well-filled ears rise abundantly as rushes. Drive away all black haily clouds to the great moors, forests, and large deserts, where they will not frighten mankind; and give sunshine and rain, gentle falling rain, in order that the crops may thrive!
Until dinner, it's summer. After dinner, it's autumn.
Dedushka Dobrokhot, Please come into my house and tend the flocks.

Grandfather Domovoi, help me chase away this intruder.

Leshi, Forest Lord, Come to me now; not as a grey wolf, not as a black raven, not as a flaming fir tree, but as a man.
In the ocean sea, on the island of Buyan, there live three brothers, three winds: the first Northern, the second Eastern and the third Western. Waft, O winds, bring on (_______) sorrow and dreariness so that without me s/he may not be able to spend a day nor pass an hour!
I, (________), stand still, uttering a blessing.
I go from the room to the door, from the courtyard to the gates.
I go out into the open field to the Eastern side. On the Eastern side stands an cottage. In the middle of the izba lies a plank, under the plank is the longing.
The longing weeps. The longing sobs, waiting to get at the white light. The white light, the fair sun, waits, enjoys itself, and rejoices.
So may she/he wait, longing to get to me, and having done so, may he enjoy himself and rejoice! And without me let it not be possible for him to live, nor to be, nor to eat, nor to drink; neither by the morning dawn, nor by the evening glow.
As a fish without water, as a babe without its mother, without its mother's milk, cannot live, so may she/he, without me, not be able to live, nor to be, nor to eat, nor to drink, nor by the evening glow; neither every day, not at mid-day, nor under the many stars, nor together with the stormy winds. Neither under the sun by day, nor under the moon by night.
Plunge thyself, O longing, gnaw thy way, O longing, into his/her breast, into his/her heart; grow and increase in all his/her veins, in all his bones, with pain and thirst for me!
Oh Virgin, unsheath your father's sacred sword.
Take up the breastplate of your ancestors.
Take up your powerful helmet.
Bring forth your steed of black.
Fly forth to the open field,
There, where the great army with countless weapons is found.
Oh, Virgin, cover me with your veil.
Protect me against the power of the enemy
Against guns and arrows, warriors and weapons;
Weapons of wood, of bone, of copper, of iron and steel.
Dear Father, tsar fire,
Be gentle and kind to me.
Burn away all my aches & pains, tears & worries.
O righteous Sun! Do thou in my foes, my rivals, my opposers, in the powers that be, and public officials, and in all people of good mouth and heart, parch up evil thoughts and deeds, so that they may not rise up, may not utter words baleful for me!
As this corpse has died unrepentant, so may you too die, unrepentant.
Tatyana curiously gazes
At the prophetic waxen mold,
All eager in its wondrous mazes
A wonderous future to behold.
Then from the basin someone dredges,
Ring after ring, the player's pledges,
And comes her ringlet, they rehearse
The immemorial little verse:
"There all the serfs are wealthy yeomen,
They shovel silver with a spade;
To whom we sing, he shall be made
Famous and rich!" But for ill omen
They take this plaintive ditty's voice;
Koshurka is the maiden's choice
The ring was rolling
Along the velvet
The ring rolled up
To the ruby.
For one who takes it out
For her it will come true,
For her it will come true,
She will not escape
A Maple entwined with a birch
It did not untwine - Lada, Lada
Whoever takes it out
For her it will come true,
All will be well.
A little cat is sitting
In a wicker basket
She is sewing a towel.
She will marry the tom
For whom we are singing
All will be well.
A rooster was digging
on a little mound of Earth
The rooster dug up
A little pearl.
For whoever gets it
All will be well.
A calyx is floating from somewhere beyond the sea.
To wherever it floats, there it will blossom.
Whoever takes it out - For her will it come true.
She will not escape - glory!
The sleigh stands, ready to go - Glory!
In it the cushions are all arranged - Glory!
It stands near the forest, waiting to go for a ride - Glory!
To whom we sing this song, all will be well.
It will come true, she will not escape - Glory.
I sat - by a window
I waited - for my beloved
I could no longer wait
I fell asleep.
In the morning - I awoke
I suddenly - realized
I am a widow.
To whom we sing, all will come true.
A dandy once took a very sharp axe - Lileju
The dandy went out - into the wide courtyard.
The dandy began - to hew some boards
To nail the wood - into an oaken coffin
Whomever this song reaches,
For her it will come true
She will not escape
Mother Zorya of morning and evening and midnight! as ye quietly fade away and disappear, so may both sicknesses and sorrows in me, (______), quietly fade and disappear - those of the morning, and of the evening, and of midnight!
We pass through the village, and the clouds across the sky. We go quicker, and the clouds go quicker,
But the clouds have overtaken us and have bedewed the fields.
We go through the village, and the clouds across the sky,
and see, a ring drops from the clouds.
Thanks, I hope someone will have time to help. Think of it this way, if you dont translate for fun but you still want to help you can do it when you have nothing more interesting to do. Even if you do one section at a time every once in a while is good too.


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Re: Can someone please help me translate this from English to Russian?
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I'm sorry, but this is too much for a free translation.


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Re: Can someone please help me translate this from English to Russian?
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I don't translate, just search for originals.

Мать-Сыра-Земля! Уйми ты всякую гадину нечистую от приворота, оборота и лихого дела.
Мать-Сыра-Земля! Поглоти ты нечистую силу в бездны кипучие, во смолу горючую.
Мать-Сыра-Земля! Утоли ты все ветры полуденные со ненастью, уйми пески сыпучие со метелью.
Мать-Сыра-Земля! Уйми ты ветры полуночные с тучами, сдержи морозы с метелями.
Не дашь пирога – мы корову за рога.
Не дашь кваску – мы свинью за виску.
Не дашь блинка – мы хозяина в пинка.
Грачи прилетели.
Наша Масленица дорогая, дорогая, лели, дорогая!
Немножечко постояла, постояла, лели, постояла.
Мы думали, семь неделек, семь неделек, лели, семь неделек,
А Масленица - семь денечков, семь денечков, лели, семь денечков.
А нас масленица обманула, обманула, лели, обманула,
На великий пост посадила, посадила, лели, посадила,
Горьку редьчинку подложила, подложила, лели, подложила,
А ты редьчинка горче хрену, горче хрену, лели, горче хрену!

Не радуйтесь, дубы,
Не радуйтесь, зеленые,
Не к вам девушки идут.
Не к вам красные,
Не вам пироги несут,
Лепешки, яичницы,
Но, но, семик да троица!

Радуйтесь, березы,
Радуйтесь, зеленые,
К вам девушки идут,
К вам пироги несут,
Лепешки, яичницы,
Ио, ио, семик да троица!

 Ты не радуйся, осина.
А ты радуйся, береза:
К тебе девки идут,
К тебе красные идут
Со куличками, со яичками!
Березонька кудрявая.
Кудрявая моложавая.
Под тобою, березонька,
Все не мак цветет.
Под тобою, березонька.
Не огонь горит,
Не мак цветет -
Красные девушки
В хороводе стоят,
Про тебя, березонька,
Все песни поют
До обеда – лето, после обеда – осень.
На море, на океане, на острове Буяне живут три брата, три ветра: один северный, другой восточный, третий западный. Навейте, нанесите вы, ветры, печаль, сухоту рабе (имя), чтобы она без раба (имя), дня не дневала, часа не часовала.
Стану я, раба Божия (имя), благословясь, пойду, перекрестясь, из избы в двери, из двора в ворота, пойду в чистое поле, в подвосточную сторону, в подвосточной стороне стоит изба, среди избы лежит доска, под доской тоска. Плачет тоска, рыдает тоска, белого света дожидается, белый свет красное солнышко дожидается, радуется и веселится. Так меня, рабу Божию (имя), дожидался бы, радовался и веселился, не мог бы без меня ни жить, ни быть, нить, ни есть, ни на утренней заре, ни на вечерней, как рыба без воды, как младенец без материна молока, без материна чрева не может жить, так бы раб Божий (имя) без рабы Божьей (имя) не мог бы ни жить, ни быть, ни есть, ни на утренней заре, ни на вечерней, ни в полдень, ни при частых звездах, ни при буйных ветрах, ни в день при солнце, ни в ночь при месяце. Впивайся, тоска, въедайся, тоска, в грудь, в сердце, во весь живот рабу Божию (имя), разрастись и разродись по всем жилам, по всем костям сухотой по рабе Божьей (имя).
Батюшка ты, Царь Огонь, всеми ты царями царь, всеми ты огнями Огонь, будь ты кроток, будь ты милостив; как ты жарок и пылок, как ты жжешь и палишь в чистом поле травы и муравы, чащи и трущебы, у сырого дуба подземельные коренья, так и я (мы) молюся и корюся тебе, батюшко Царь Огонь, жги и спали с (меня, нас или имя другого человека) всякие скорби и болезни, уроки и призоры, страхи и переполохи (extended version).
Праведное ты, Солнце красное! Спекай у врагов моих, у властей, воевод и приказных людей злые дела и злые помыслы...
Татьяна любопытным взором
На воск потопленный глядит:
Он чудно вылитым узором
Ей что-то чудное гласит;
Из блюда, полного водою,
Выходят кольцы чередою;
И вынулось колечко ей
Под песенку старинных дней:
«Там мужички-то всё богаты,
Гребут лопатой серебро;
Кому поем, тому добро
И слава!» Но сулит утраты
Сей песни жалостный напев;
Милей кошурка сердцу дев
Катилось колечко
По бархату,
Прикатилось колечко
Ко яхонту.
Кому вынется -
Тому сбудется, -
Тому сбудется -
Не минуется.
Вился клен с березою — не развился.
Ладу, ладу!
Кому выйдется, правда сбудется,
Тому добро!
Стоят сани снаряженые - слава!
И полостию покрытые, - слава!
Только сесть в сани, да поехати - слава!
А уж кому мы спели, тому добро,
Тому сбудется, не минуется! (not quite it, but close)
??? :-\

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